Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mass We Pray: The Video Game

EA Games is at it again with another viral marketing campaign to promote their upcoming game Dante's Inferno.

I couldn't help myself from visiting their website after viewing this video. It's obviously fake, and when you click to pre-order the game a message pops up condemning you as a heretic.
He who betrays the beliefs of the Church blackens his soul with the sin of Heresy. A Mass not celebrated by ordained priests or on consecrated soil is naught but false ritual condemned by clergy. Thou hast befouled thine eyes with the filth of profane works and betrayed all things sacred. For thy punishment, thou shalt be damned to burn in flaming tombs and hanged from enflamed crosses. An eternity of infernal fire will not cleanse thee.
Entering your date of birth will allow you to watch an exclusive Dante's Inferno trailer. The trailer isn't all that different from the last one I posted earlier this month, but EA Games has pulled in over half a million views from this We Pray mock video. Unfortunately, Dante's Inferno is not being released for the Wii which wouldn't be able to handle the graphics and EA would have to design the game to be compatible with the Wii. Seems like a tongue-in-cheek jab at the Wii (only heretics would own a Wii) and at the Church to promote the game. EA also faked a protest at E3 2009 (the fake protest group, S.A.V.E.D, also set up a website) and ignited a bit of controversy with their "Sin-to-Win" Twitter contest by asking people to commit an act of lust. I have yet to hear of any official response from a religious leader or church condemning the game which would only result in throwing more fuel on the fire. The church's best course of action would be to ignore the game altogether, but then again how can you ignore two kids pretending to celebrate Mass.

"Quick! Baptize the sinners!"


captron52 said...

Ya just gotta love it!

Don said...

Was this for the Wii, X-Box 360, or Playstation?? This is a very important question because using the wrong gaming system will send you to hell. Gotta be careful!!

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