Saturday, November 8, 2008

About the Puzzle

A God-Sized Puzzle is my personal quest to learn how others interact with and perceive the Divine. This blog is a means to understand one another, and by understanding I can come that much closer to love and appreciate everyone I meet. I see beauty in all religions and I hope to dig out gems of universal truth from all traditions and implement them into my life. I seek to look at how others view God from every possible angle including the ones who don't care to look. In this way I can weave these pieces together to create a personal mosaic where I draw my daily spiritual strength and hope to transform myself into a more loving and caring human being.


Don Rogers said...

Eruesso- This is a great blog! Thanks for your posts and your comments on Ernie's website, LRC. I have linked to your blog. Mine is:

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment and kind words, Don. I am glad I stumbled upon LRC it is the kind of church, community, and love I wish was found where I live.

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to begin to appreciate our communities, and to be happy, while we build a responsible society. I found your article "life beyond Christianity" inspiring. Best.

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