Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama Admits He's a Muslim! Are We Still Debating This?

1.4 million views in 6 months. What are people looking for when they watch videos like these?

There are 3 things that does scare me when I watch videos like these and it's not about the possibility (which is nil) of him being a Muslim.
  • People reveal their bigotry and hatred for The Other a lot easier when hiding behind avatars in the online world. It is easier for us to throw rocks from behind a bush than out in the open. I don't fear the people who are openly hateful, I fear the ones who disclose their hatred.
  • People will swallow any easy answers even if it nurtures the darker side of the soul.
  • When we are confronted by the unknown we warp and shape it into an enemy. Suffering, pain, hunger, poverty are not tangible enough (although the people who experience it are) to confront so we must create a tangible target.
The only part of the 1st video sounding remotely close to Obama admitting he is a Muslim is at the :57 mark. The following video puts the statement into context.

People are looking for Obama to slip up and say he's a Muslim as if this would destroy America. (Just take a look at this screenshot taken yesterday on some of the responses displayed in the comment section of Youtube user, FeelTheChangeMedia, who posted the first video on his channel.) The real fear isn't based on The Other it is based on the unknown elements of The Other. People fear what they do not understand and this fear drives them to hatred. For some, it seems easier to demonize and eliminate the unknown than to embrace it. And of those who actually reach out to learn anything about Islam are faced with the difficult decision to read something that supports their fear or something that may allay it. Most people are very uncomfortable with pulling the rug from under their own feet, and are much more willing to comfort themselves with the fact that they were right than letting go of their fear and hatred EVEN IF one doesn't agree with the faith.

I leave you with Bill Maher to settle the Obama Muslim "Controversy".


captron52 said...

Who cares if Obama is Muslim or not. I sure dont care one way or the other. The only thing Im interested in is he gonna be able to do some of the things he promised us when campaigning? Or are we destined to just have another politician who says one thing and tehn goes on bgeing just like all the others before him. I sure hope things can change before the American Public wakes up and decides to throw all the pols out and start over. Now that doesnt sound like too bad an idea to me but Im only a law abiding citizen who feels frustration when it comes to any kind of politics.

Unknown said...

I'm right there with you, Ronnie. Yet the cornerstone of many people praying for Obama's fiery downfall is based on him being a Muslim.

Obama as a Muslim = Destruction of our American Culture.

I'm not a political person (nor do I affiliate myself with either political party) yet I believe that if we can't put aside our petty differences and misconceptions (i.e. Obama being a Muslim) we won't get any real change done, regardless of the party in power. It just surprises me that fear of the Other continues to keep people in the dark who have access to a vast network of information. We hold the keys to our own future, except we fight over who gets in and who stays out. Thanks again for the comment and dialog.

Don said...

I'm with Ronnie on this one. We need to clean house in Washington, top to bottom, and start over. Am I positive this would help? No, I am not. I am a bit pessimistic when it comes to "power". I have seen how power corrupts good people. Politics is full of power in a nation the size of ours. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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