Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Uncle Pat

Dear Uncle Pat Robertson,

What would the world do without you? I've been patiently awaiting your response to the recent destruction of Touchdown Jesus, of course I get all my news from the Daily Show and they haven't mentioned you in quite a while. I guess I could watch the 700 Club every once in a while but I get bored quickly (not enough hellfire and brimstone like your buddy John Hagee). So what do I find to my surprise after a quick Google search for news about you within the last week but the "Ask Pat a Question" forum on your website! Total Sweetness! I wanted to pose the question in a manner so that it wouldn't get immediately rejected by your staff, I had to make it sound it came from a concerned Christian and not some wacko unbeliever. Here's my question.
"Is the recent destruction of the "Touchdown Jesus" another sign from God of the End Times?"
Please respond Uncle Pat, I've been dying to know and so have a few other people. Since you have a direct line to God I am hoping my question gets through, and if it doesn't I invite others to submit their own here. Sure they might not get aired unless the questions support your theological view, Uncle Pat, but it's worth a try.

From an unbeliever considering joining the 700 Club if you air my question,



captron52 said...

That incident was akin to when Oral Roberts was in his so called "temple" and it was struck by lightening.And that was right after he supposedly had a vision from God telling him if he didnt raise so many millions God wass gonna take him home.Coincidence??Im not sure about that one! Hope you and yours are doinig great these days!

Doug B said...

I guess there's not much Pat can say about this incident without embarrassing his theology.

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