Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sharing is Caring

I love when I catch my kids sharing their toys. It warms my heart. I love it even more when those lessons of sharing are carried into adulthood, I melt into a puddle when I witness it first hand. So I'm sharing with you this clever illustration which I'm sure like everything else in the interwebs has been shared repeatedly (Thanks Andrew for sharing this). The thing is I absolutely love it when others share their beliefs with me no matter how much I may disagree with them. What I love is conversation and not being treated like I'm a potential convert. There have been times where I've had incredible conversations with people who hold beliefs entirely different from me as we focus on our differences and less so on our commonalities. Sharing what we have in common is great starting point but that should branch into our differences, which I believe when shared can create something new and beautiful.  Sadly most of these conversations are found to be more productive online than in person. As a non-Christian living in Tennessee it's difficult to come across anyone who shares a passion for religion and spirituality who isn't (ain't) going to tell me I better get right with God. Which is why I continue blogging, because I love to share, interact, and converse.


captron52 said...

I surely can feel you my friend! Im in much the same "boat" as you. Here in western Kentucky and the Bible Belt I find it really hard to share my beliefs with those who continue to tell me Im gonna go to hell one of these days.Hey I know what you mean about watching the kids also. Children are such a gift if only us parents or elders would allow the children to express their true spirituality instead of trying to conform themn to our own prejudices! Have a great week Sam and thanks for sharing with all of us your thoughts

Sabio Lantz said...

Nice post. I agree. Nicely said. Blogging is great in this way.

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