Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Savage Morality

It's videos and stories like this one which make me giddy about the interwebs.

What Dan Savage is doing is not "attacking" the Bible but tearing down the self imposed veils of ignorance and hypocrisy when it comes to what the Bible actually says. Some students who came to the convention thought they were going to hear about anti bullying and walked out when they felt their beliefs were under attack. I have yet to find a full clip of his speech (I'd like to hear it in its entirety) but the kids who walked out missed the point that you have to attack the source of bullying. What is fueling bullying against gays? It's not the Bible (which only has a handful of references to homosexuality) but the people using the Bible to bludgeon people different from what they consider the norm. Andrew Hackman (Welcome Back!) at Hackman's Musings summed it up best with the following:
 The anti-homosexual position does not belong to a deity.... it belongs to you.


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Don said...

"Sacred Cows" are hard to question successfully.

captron52 said...

Sad but true.Hope you are doing great Sam

Grundy said...

Morality itself does not belong to a deity.

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