Sunday, December 23, 2012

Surviving "The End"

So with another doomsday come and gone I thought I would bring up some questions I've been pondering.We've survived several lesser known doomsdays from "prophets" as we neared the Mayan 2012 apocalypse. I never believed anything would happen on 12/21/12 but now that it's passed without a bang will people fall for these doomsday predictions again? With the most well known doomsday come and gone I believe (and hope) people will be less willing to lend an ear to the boys who cry wolf. There will always be more prophets heralding the end, and more charlatans preying on the fears of the people. Which brings me to my next question: how will this affect the belief in end time prophecies of religious believers? Will they continue to believe in their prophecies because the Mayan apocalypse was a false, secular prophecy? Or will this cause them to question their eschatology?  Will this also lead to questioning their beliefs in Heaven, Hell, and the afterlife?

Feel free to chim in with your thoughts. I hope to get some feedback from religious believers who've been affected by the passing of this non-event.


Don said...

No, it want make any difference. The Bible puts the prophecy into the mouth of Jesus, and he says that no one knows when the "Son of Man" will return. A pretty safe prophecy (no specific time mentioned). Even 2000 years later, most Christians still wait for this "second coming". What befuddles me is why so many Christian "prophets" try to calculate, to the day, when this reappearance should be.

captron52 said...

Im just gonna try and live each moment like it may be the last one!That way Im covered if the world does end soon Happy holidays Sam to you and yours!

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