Wednesday, April 16, 2014

There is No They

     If there is one thing I can safely say I believe in that would be in our connection with our fellow man.Social media sites like Facebook was created with the intent of bringing people together, and in a sense it has. But more often than not I witness the opposite of people transcending their tribal identities, I witness them digging their heels and cutting ties, both in the real and virtual world, with those who may challenge their tribe. People feel safe and cozy within their group, and a group can shape their identity by identifying a group, cause, or belief that is opposite of what they stand for. But when it comes down to it there is no They.

     Of course humans will always catalog and label their reality, it helps us give order to a seemingly chaotic universe. What I mean by There is no They is that we're all human. Regardless of our gender, skin, life choices, beliefs, we are all human. We get so involved in our other labels that we tend to forget (or simply ignore) our most basic identity when interacting with each other. I see so many images and posts being shared online which highlights how one group is violent, dumb, and backwards compared to their own group. These images and posts don't educate or elevate mankind in any way. They were created to simply put another group down. It doesn't highlight real injustice (e.g. real persecution for one's beliefs vs. a loss of entitlement) nor does it bring constructive conversation to get people to examine each others views let alone their own.
     But maybe I'm asking too much from a social media site where friends share images asking that I will give a Thumbs up if I hate evil or if I remember a particular artifact from my childhood in the 80s.


I've shared this video multiple times but Ram Dass hits the nail on the head, There is No They.


Don said...

I've read several books by Ram Dass. The farther I get from "the sixties", the more sense he makes.

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