Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Fallibility of Mortality

These are MY words that begin and end at the brain, be it yours or mine. They start off as an electrical impulse in the brain that travels down towards my finger tips. My fingertips strike the keys and the information on the screen is then received by my eyes, travels down the optic nerves, and makes its way back to the brain. If the information on the screen is incorrect my brain begins the process of correcting it. This all takes place in fractions of a second but the choices all take place within the Human Mind.

[Note: I usually give credit for any pictures I use but I can't seem to find the artist for this one.]

The Human Mind is an intricate and complex organ and we are millenniums, maybe even centuries, from completely unlocking its full potential. Until then we are susceptible to errors and mistakes because of our fallible Mind. We may have a vast amount of information in making decisions but without COMPLETE and UNIVERSAL knowledge one can never make an error free decision. There is always a slight possibility of error with any decision made by the Human Mind including decisions of the heart. We may not be able to choose the correct belief concerning the Divine by using reason and logic because even decisions of the heart are susceptible to errors chosen by fallible Man.

So how can the Immortal hold the Mortal responsible for choosing the belief system? It is impossible! Some say that when you make the right choice you can feel it in Mind, Body, and Spirit. But if this were true why are practitioners of competing religious traditions stating that they feel there view is correct? The emotional "life changing" test can not be the ultimate way of testing our competing views. A snowboarder can have their life changed by snowboarding as much as a Christian or a Buddhist can have their lives changed by their religious and philosophical traditions. Some would argue that this is not the case, that only a spiritual transformation can truly change and guide ones life. Yet even the spiritual transformation is processed and experienced by the Human Mind. A personal experience is no less significant than any other experienced in a religious or secular context. When we say "The Spirit is truly felt here, not there" this is a perception that is projected by the Human Mind.

Our best attempt will always fall short of the expectations laid out in the perpetual revelations streamed down by the Divine. I do not think (again, this is fallible I thinking) that God expects us to pick the right set of beliefs, it is impossible! There are hundreds and thousands of belief systems and religious doctrines, and to choose the right combination is Humanly impossible. Even the scriptures that codify the original revelations are riddled with Human error. This does not mean that God's Word (God's revelation and interaction with Humanity) is erroneous but that Man's involvement and interpretation is fallible. As soon as we understand our own fallibility we can begin relying on that which is Infinite, even if we can't define It.

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