Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bored on Sunday?

Well if you woke up too late to go to church today and want to make up for it somehow you can always sit back and watch a few religious documentaries online. They may not be for everyone (I'm a documentary junkie) but they are interesting too watch and completely free, if you know where to look. Warning: Depending on the Copyright holder these films may be taken down at any time, so watch them while you have the chance.

Religulous. Bill Maher's irreverent look at religion in general from an agnostic point of view. Not for the faint of heart, watch at your own risk. Don't write me angry comments for posting this since you've now been warned. I do happen to agree with his questioning religious views, and even though this film slants more towards mocking believers instead of dialoguing with them, I still think this film is worth watching. There is strong language and nudity. Now you've been warned twice.

Jesus Camp. Film about a Pentecostal summer camp for kids and which follows three children and their beliefs: Levi, Rachel, and Victoria. Personally this film scared me halfway to Gehenna. The most heartbreaking moment for me was the kid who prayed for help in believing in the Bible.

Muhammad-Legacy of a Prophet
. A beautiful film on the life and struggles of the Prophet Muhammad. Breathtaking, informative, and a must see for Christians.

Children of Abraham. A three part series which takes a look into Abraham and the three Monotheistic faiths which claim him as their founder. Part 0ne, two, and three.

There are plenty more out there worth watching, including one I'll be posting tomorrow on homosexuality, but this should be enough to keep the curious entertained for now.

Peace and blessings.


shallowfrozenwater said...

there is a Jesus film festival in Winnipeg Canada where i live every Easter and they have shown Jesus Camp for the last 3 years or so. i've never attended it because it didnt fit my sched but ... now i'm more encouraged to go check it out.

Eruesso said...

Well if they're willing to Jesus Camp hopefully they'll show "Lord, Save Us From Your Followers". Haven't seen it yet but it came out in theaters on Friday. As far as I've read it's a film about the contradictory message of love Christians spout while demonstrating acts of ignorance, prejudice, and hatred towards their fellow man.

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