Friday, September 4, 2009

Headphones+Jesus+Energy Drinks= An Audio Monk?

I began my fall classes on Monday and so far I can say that I am both absolutely thrilled and fearful of what will be asked of me in the next few months. For those a bit in the dark, I am majoring in the Recording Industry program with a concentration in production tech (audio engineering). I also have chosen the most random minor, Religious Studies, mainly because my adviser said I could and it's a highly interesting minor. What can I do with a degree in audio engineering and religion? I have absolutely no idea. I'm clueless. But I accept where I am and will strive to make something out of it.

This semester I am taking History of Christianity and Jesus of Nazareth which I assume will have some overlap in theology and debates on the nature of Christ. Although I'll be a bit busier because of my class load I will attempt to write at least 1-2 posts a week on a topic we've discussed in either class. I won't be posting anything particularly interesting for today because I'll be preparing for Piranha Hour for my multitrack recording class. What's Piranha Hour? Don't ask till after 4:01 p.m. central.

Peace and blessings.


Don said...

Sounds BUSY! How much more do you have before graduation?

Eruesso said...

I have about a year left, so I should be done by next May.

A.R.K. said...

XD I'm very jealous about the minoring in religion. Hope the classes are interesting! Keep us posted!

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