Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Times Being Slain in the Spirit

In Novemeber of 2007, the news broke that Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa was spearheading an investigation to probe 6 prominent televangelist to see if they're misusing tax-exempt donations to live lavish lifestyles. A few of these televangelist preach what has been called the Prosperity Gospel, which is the notion that God showers material prosperity on those whom he favors. God wants you to be successful but if you don't follow his Will, God will punish you with poverty. Of course these televangelist must be doing something right to live in luxurious homes, fly in private planes, and own marble-top $23,000 toilets, right?

Benny Hinn sat down recently with Dan Harris on ABC Nightline for a rare interview. Check it out.

A part of me hopes they nail this guy for misusing tax exempt donations, but what happens then to the millions of people who draw hope from Hinn's ministry? Yes they'll be enlightened to his greed but at a great personal cost: the donations they've sent in, the prayers they prayed, the hope they put into the healing power of Benny Hinn's words would have all been in vain. Some will be angry, some might fall back into depression, while others might be thankful for having their eyes opened to the truth. Where will those millions of people go? Wherever they might find solace for the pain they endure in this world. Even though some may find religion as poisonous and primitive it does bring hope, comfort, and peace to millions. So if we're not personally willing to go and comfort those in need, they will find it themselves even if it costs them every penny.

I personally can't take Benny Hinn very seriously. A man who claims to be a man of God while sitting on that much wealth, and thinks he needs it all to survive, is depressing when you think about how much good he could do with it. And the fact that his name reminds me of Benny Hill doesn't help much either. Priceless!


Don said...

I've written several posts on WOF and the prosperity gospel preachers. You can find them in my archives:
2/28/07 & 12/6/07, should you care to read them. In my opinion, the sooner these charletans are exposed, the better.

captron52 said...

I have always been amazed by those crooks doing whast they do in the name of God.Im even more amazed thaat sensibile folks will believe any of that garbage they spew out while begging for more money.I suppose sopme folks will believe in anything if someone says they are a man of God!

Eruesso said...

Thanks Don for the suggestions, I'll definately check them out.

Ronnie, I first learned about the world of Benny Hinn and friends years ago and I'm still amazed at the massive crowds they still pack in. Whatever they're doing they've mastered it.

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