Wednesday, March 3, 2010

God's Identity Crisis?

I got a chance to catch up on Mr. Deity season 3 episodes today. My favorite one, and probably most theologically amusing thus far, is Mr. Deity and the Identity Crisis. For those unfamiliar with Mr. Deity he's a brief rundown. Mr. Deity is a series of short 2-7 minute comedy films by Brian Keith Dalton about the behind the scenes workings of the universe surveyed by Mr. Deity (God) and his assistant Larry (the Holy Spirit). in this clip Mr. Deity and Jesse (Jesus) are attempting to figure out the theological paradox that is the Trinity. Enjoy, and see if you can keep up.

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Don said...

I know we have different readers, so I had to put this one on my blog. Thanks for pointing me to the video. This is a great one. Now I perfectly understand the whole concept....Co could you maybe explain that just one more time?

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