Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Spirituality of an Atheist- Part 2

"I don't believe in anything outside the natural world." ~Cristina Rad
Cristina is one of the more rational, engaging, and approachable Youtube Atheist I've come across. In this video Cristina talks about her thoughts on Spirituality as an Atheist. Both Cristina and A. Hughman, another Youtube Atheist, both agree and explain in recent videos that the spirit and spirituality may have more to do with Man's unique characteristics and experiences of imagination, consciousness, and beauty than anything supernatural. Yet they both leave room for wonder, awe, and mystery. Just because we understand the mechanics of a rainbow doesn't make it in any less beautiful or keeps us from, as Cristina puts it, "admiring it like a fool."

I like to call these moments of awe, love, and beauty we experience, God. I don't worship or pray to it, but wish to simply breathe it in and experience, simply BE. I believe it is when we try to capture this experience and, as A. Hughman puts it, "prostitute the awe" do we fail to grasp the sheer joy and excitement of simply living.


Don said...

Always good to hear another person's view. HEY! I like the new look!

Eruesso said...

The old layout was kinda dull, I'm still working out all the kinks. I'm slow at HTML code editing, please excuse the mess.

I've been extremely intrigued by how similar views from people all over the theological spectrum are, yet a lot of people can't see it. It blows my mind when two seemingly contradictory views share the same water.

Don said...

" It blows my mind when two seemingly contradictory views share the same water."

Hmmm... I have found this to be the case more and more as I continue this journey. You suppose we're on to something! I think so. To me it simply says that we are all more alike than we are different.

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