Friday, September 3, 2010

The Sacredness of Ground Zero: Part 4- Not in My Backyard!

The Park 51 controversy has sparked a wave of anti-Muslim rhetoric and has empowered local residents to march and protest against the growing radical Muslim horde. As a former resident of Murfreesboro I've been closely following the protests to halt the construction of the new Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. Just over the weekend there's been a suspected arson attack on construction equipment as well as shots fired near the site (I've read one article stating 9 shots and another which stated only 5 were fired). No one in Murfreesboro has been hurt yet but fear has a powerful grip over the ill informed.

See if you can spot the "evidence" produced by Laurie Cardoza-Moore, spokesperson of the Murfreesboro Mosque Opposition, as she states the danger in building this house of worship.

The fear seems to be of radical Muslims taking over America by infiltrating the "capital of the Crusaders", Nashville. First of all, What?! How long has Nashville been the Crusader capital of the world? Pat Robertson also uses alarming words like mega and massive to scare his audience into believing that these growing communities constitutes a national security threat in this August 19 episode of the 700 Club (the same one mentioned on Anderson Cooper). Ms Moore gives two pieces of evidence why we should protest this site:
  • Mosaad Rawash, a board member of the Islamic Community of Murfreesboro, had posted pro- Hamas material on his Myspace page. Yes, his Myspace page.
  • The Imam, Sheikh Ossama Mohamed Bahloul, taught at a mosque in Irving, Texas under investigation for terrorist related activities.
Although Anderson Cooper states in the video that the first allegation has been thoroughly investigated and Rawash has been cleared of all charges, and the second allegation was found to be complete bunk, Ms. Moore still believes this is enough evidence to keep the Islamic community of Murfreesboro from building a house of worship for their growing community. Using Myspace as evidence, really? Her evidence is no more than an exaggerated reach to tie a quiet moderate community which has been present in the area for 30 years with Muslim extremists. I doubt she, or anyone heavily opposing the construction of this mosque, has attempted to visit with the Muslim community in person. Moore tolerates the community staying at their present cramped location because this keeps them out of view. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

The issue is not that terrorist may be secretly planting training camps and education centers in the Nashville area, the issue is that many Americans don't know anything about Islam and this scares them to the point of denying their fellow citizens their freedom of worship. Vandalizing the Islamic center's sign with the words Not Welcome is one thing, arson and gunshots are on a whole other level (although the gunshots might be possibly unrelated the ATF and FBI are still investigating). There are thousands of churches throughout Tennessee and I highly doubt that a handful of new mosques and Islamic centers constitutes such a legitimate threat to the thriving Christian community as Ms. Moore argues. Of course it's much easier to love your neighbor as long as they're Christian (well unless you're not). So the moral of the story is if your neighbor is not Christian (in some circles read Un-American traitor) run them out of town. Toleration is so next century!


captron52 said...

Hi Sam Your post brings to my mind a verse from the Garth Brooks song "We Shall Be Free" which goes:
When we're free to love anyone we choose, when this world's big enough for all different views, when we all can worship from our own kind of pews, We shall be free!" I sure hope the holiday weekend willed be filled with much love, peace, and joy for you and yours. Keep up your good work Sam!

Anonymous said...

Myspace is a legitimate source as it has been used in legal cases for everything from robbery to murder. The Islamic Training Center being built in Murfreesboro is backed my those who support terrorism. Looking at ones MySpace or FaceBook page we typically find a person's REAL interests and convictions. To clear the guy just because he removed the PRO terrorist material means nothing.

I am confident that my point will be dismissed mainly because of the liberal overtones throughout the post. Liberalism is not interested in truth...

Eruesso said...

@ Anonymous-

Thank you for your comment. I'm not one to entirely dismiss anyone's point since the theme of my blog is to examine religious and spiritual topics from multiple points of view.

I understand the need to use information found on the web in legal cases but our digital personalities are not as concrete as in the flesh. We can be anyone and say just about anything on the web. Using intangible and fluid information like a posting on a social networking site in court becomes problematic when seeking the truth.

The point of this post is that if you want to know what these Muslims are doing in the Murfreesboro mosque then go and visit them. Go out and have lunch with them, meet their families, and soon you'll realize they are people just like you and me. All they want to do is erect a house of worship. If you believe my words are too liberal then go out and seek truth for yourself. Go and introduce yourself to a Muslim. You can't really get to know someone through their digital persona. Thanks for visiting and have a happy new year Anonymous.

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