Friday, September 17, 2010

Searching for God

After giving this site a facelift earlier this year I found it difficult to search for and reference my archives without a searchbox. I find it helpful to reference previous related articles when I'm trying to make a point or at the very least to watch my writing and beliefs evolve over time (I had once called myself a Monotheist but have long since abandoned that label).

I mention this because I've been blogging less and would like to provide you, the reader, especially if you're new to the site, a simpler way of reading through my archives. Why should you flip through my archives? I can't give you a valid reason other than you might find something interesting like this little gem on sci-fi books with themes on time-traveling to the Crucifixion, or this little nugget comparing Jesus to a shaman.

Of course you can always mix things up by hitting the random post button (the orange one below the search bar to the right) which will generate a random post. Most important of all tell me what you think: if an article sucks then leave a comment saying so or better yet if you're a blogger than write a response post on your site. I encourage and thoroughly enjoy online conversations which is why I started this site in the first place.


captron52 said...

Hi Sam I just cant imagine any of your post that suck! Keep up the grest work you are doing!

Doug B said...

And speaking of online conversations, I miss your input at my blog.

Unknown said...

@Doug- I've quietly been reading all of your posts (and comments), scouts honor, it's just that I've been busy job hunting and taking care of house work that I've barely had enough time to even post anything on my blog. Yeesh, that didn't sound like a bad excuse, did it?

I was tempted to input on your recent posts on people of faith but I'm one of those all in guys, I go on enormous rants and end up writing a short post myself. Like this one, for example. Take care, Doug.

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