Sunday, November 7, 2010

Science Saved My Soul

Unreasonable Faith, how I love thee.

They recently shared this 15 minute gem entitled Science Saved My Soul. A must see video on the grandeur and overwhelming beauty of the universe. It makes you feel microscopic until you realize your relationship to it All. Absolutely breathtaking.

My favorite line:

Stars have died, so that I could live. I stepped out of a supernova. And so did you.

This video is in the same vein as the Atheist Spirituality videos I stumbled upon last Spring. I use the term spirituality in a non-supernatural sense to describe the awe of and connectedness to the universe.


Kay said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing that. (And thanks to Unreasonable Faith too.) I posted it on my site and gave credit.

Unknown said...

And than you Kay for visiting. Unreasonable Faith is one of my favorite sites. Thanks for the link, and I also checked out your site. It's always great to meet like minded people.

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