Sunday, July 15, 2012

Retaining Your Identity

Dr. James McGrath over at Exploring Our Matrix recently asked "if you are a 'none' or even if you are connected with a religion, do you care if your children shift identities?" The short answer is no, not at all. The main reason why is because I shifted through several different identities myself within the last 5 years. I hope they remain open-minded and I don't care which faith they eventually settle with as long as the faith resonates with them. Although, I would rather they don't become fundamentalists of any faith.

[My Alien II by Bloommer. Follow the link to check out some of Bloomer's other works.]

I admit I would like to see my children follow my beliefs but I realize the beliefs I (currently) accept are the result of years of questioning, exploring, and evolving. I believe two people may follow the same faith tradition but their personal religious and/or spiritual experiences are unique. My wife is Baptist and since I (currently) consider myself a None we are raising them in the Baptist tradition. Religion is a touchy subject in our family so as the odd man out I try not to stir the pot and I'm fine with attending whatever church we call home (we begin church shopping next week). What I DO want to pass on to my children is to be loving towards your neighbor and to follow the wisdom of Ecclesiastes: eat, drink, have a few good friends, a career they love, and be merry. As a None I personally believe that as the globe becomes more interconnected people will begin to question their previous tribal and religious boundaries. I don't care if my children shift identities, what I do care is how they relate to their neighbor.


Paul Sunstone said...

"...I personally believe that as the globe becomes more interconnected people will begin to question their previous tribal and religious boundaries."

I think that's happening, Eruesso. There's a religious forum I'm a member of that attracts a nearly worldwide audience. It seems to provoke a lot of people to question their beliefs -- and even to work to make them more rational.

Sabio Lantz said...

A person has more than one identity: family, nation, politics, religion, hobbies, looks, age, music .... And in each of these they have different amounts of investments. Some may think they only have one identity, but they fool themselves and that self-deception is obvious when that identification platform is shaken.

I care not if my children follow my beliefs -- sure I feel mine are more accurate (everyone does), but I am not sure mine will fit my children and promote their happiness and success/survival in the future which is what I value more.

Don said...

As you know, I come from a Southern Baptist tradition which I left some five years ago. Now my wife hasn't attended a Baptist church in years, but I'm sure she would still call herself a Baptist. I have told her on numerous occasions that she is free to attend church whenever she pleases. This she has not done. So, I suppose we both may fit into the "none" catagory with the footnote on having been Baptists all of our lives save the last ten years! My gay son (30 yrs old) has given up on the Baptist church for obvious reasons, my 36 yr old was totally frustrated with his Baptist church after his divorce, when they asked him to step down as a worship music member. He no longer attends any church and is quite displeased with Christianity as a whole for what he sees as hypocrisy in the church. My oldest, 43 yrs. old, remains the only one left in my family group who remains in the Baptist church. He, IMO, well fits the label (I hate labels) of a very conservative evangelical, inerrancy-believing Baptist. Needless to say, we don't discuss religion.
Also, as you know, I consider myself, a "believer (in Source)in exile".

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