Friday, November 14, 2008

Brother Micah, where art thou...

On campuses across the U.S. students are getting bombarded by preachers spouting hell fire and damnation on their way to class. This "confrontational evangelism" is used by the likes of such preachers as Brother Micah (Micah Armstrong), The Pit Preacher (Gary Birdsong), and Brother Jim (Jim Gilles).

Warning! The following footage contains strong language.

Brother Micah and Sister Elizabeth at UCF

Radical Preacher Takes on Ohio State Students

I find this movement fascinating and very entertaining because it gets people talking. I highly doubt anyone can get half as many students to have a decent discussion on God, Religion, and spirituality without making it confrontational. People just don't care. Well not everyone, but the vast majority are not going to go to a seminar or a debate just because they're interested. I know I would but the very reason these campus preachers "spread the gospel" in this method is BECAUSE they can get huge crowds to show up even if they don't agree with their beliefs.

But then it gets better. Some people in the crowd shout back and get into extremely heated arguments which 9 times out of 10 involves the campus police showing up to calm things down.

And the confrontational preachers, what is their defense when they're getting booted off campus? Exercise of free speech. I do believe they have every right to speak their mind in these designated free speech zones as long as it's at a reasonable volume so as to not disrupt class and as long as it does not incite hatred or lead to violence. Why can't they just sit down and peacefully discuss Jesus and his teachings? Like I said before, no one would stick around long enough to listen. You may get a few curious faces but that doesn't grab your attention half as well as "you still suck _____, queer!"

What is the point of all this? Some Christians (and I'm not trying to demonize Christianity) are desperately trying new methods to reach as many people as possible. This is In-Your-Face Christianity, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Christianity, Confess and Repent NOW Christianity. This confrontational evangelism screams of desperation. A desperation that screams for your soul's salvation and for the church's salvation. Young people are flooding out of the churches never to return and without the youth how will the church grow? How will the gospel spread to every nation? Will Christianity die out and retire to the history books like so many other religions? I think not, but that underlying fear still exists however small it may be. Even though I may not agree with all or part of Christianity I do not wish its annihilation. That would be a terrible loss for humanity.

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