Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is "Right Now" right?

Right now I'm suppose to be researching for a project due sometime next week but something moved me to write instead just to pass the time until noon. Why noon, you ask? Well because at 12:00pm sharp I will be allowed to register for my spring classes. Why is this a big deal? I don't know yet.

Every single minute of of every single day actions throughout your life buildup like legos, one on top of another. Building, building, building. But what is the design and what will the final result look like. I don't know. But every action one takes guides you to another set of options, which when decided, will guide you to another set of options. When I enter the library should I use the computer lab on the first floor or fourth floor? If I spend 2 minutes on every floor looking for an available computer and if I don't find one do I check out a laptop? With my laptop in hand, where will I go to sit down and work?

If I go left, what did I miss by not going right?

If I take this particular class what will I miss in the other classes? And if I fail this class is that a "sign" that I should have taken the other class instead?

Even typing this blog right now is a decision I made which may or may not affect the rest of my life be it good or bad.

What I can do is this: decide every choice that comes across my path with my best judgment. I will soon find out whether it was a right or wrong decision but I can not live in the fear that my decision may come out wrong in the future nor regret making a past decision because I might have made a mistake. All I can do is learn from my mistakes and decide wisely for next time. No regret. No Fear.

Hmmm, should I eat the food they serve on campus or wait till I get home to eat a delicious sandwich? Or maybe I can eat at Jack-in-the-Box.

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