Monday, July 19, 2010

Comment Issues

I've been notified by several people that the comment box has been causing issues. If the comment box is causing you trouble leave me a note using the blue comment box to the right (scroll down) with the following information: the page you attempted to comment, the date of your visit, and the city and state from where you accessed the page (I use Google Analytics which may help me pinpoint the cause of the problem). If you are unable to see the blue comment box you can contact me directly at eruesso25 'at symbol' gmail dot com. The blue comment box sends your comments directly to me. Any other issues with the site, miscellaneous comments, questions, and rants are also welcomed.

Peace and blessings,



Unknown said...

Comment Test. This is only a test. Or is it?

Don said...

Worked great for the first time in weeks!

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