Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hardee's Faith, The Lunatic, and the Possibilian?

Don over at Reflections has posted an intriguing article by Dr. Richard Beck on the horizontal (God) and vertical (our fellow man) obligations of the Christian. James of Exploring our Matrix and Sabio of Triangulations write on whole packaged faith and thinking vs. from scratch faith and thinking. (Oh, and Exploring our Matrix has had a new face lift.) Andrew at Hackman's Musings has shared a creepy but excellent video rendition of Mark Twain's "The War Prayer". And via Faithful Progressive Robert Jensen writes on Neuroscientist David Eagleman as a Possibilian, living "between the facts we think we know and the fictions that illuminate what we don’t know."

I've also received my new Droid Incredible yesterday and was wondering if there were any religious apps out there, or any period that I must have? Any suggestions?

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Faithful Progressive said...

Thanks for the link, love the new layout.

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