Saturday, March 5, 2011

One Nation Under God, Not Allah

I know I post a lot of videos and I don't want to become dependent on them to make my point but this one today, oh boy. This one would make me want to drown mankind in a torrential flood if I were god. I know I'm all sunshine, rainbows, and "let's hold hands in brotherhood" kind of guy but this video screams of so much hatred I just want to chuck my laptop into the river and boycott all media (except cartoons) for the rest of my life. But ignoring the problem won't make it go away, if anything it'll get worse.

(h/t Unreasonable Faith)
This video makes me want to vomit. How can there be this much hatred in a "God-fearing" America? And what really broke my heart were the worried expressions by the children entering the building at the 2:00 minute mark. If THIS is America, I don't want to stay. One of the protesters shouted "One Nation Under God, Not Allah" to demonstrate, I suppose, the righteous anger of God (the Christian god) for worshiping a false god (the Muslim god). I guess the protesters thought that if they shouted at non-believers and their children long enough they (the Muslims) will understand the protesters belief in a God who hates non-Christians for being born to parents of a different faith. Everyone knows that even though you may be born and raised within a different culture YOU HAVE TO leave the culture, faith, and traditions of your parents behind when you come to America. Oh, you can bring your delicious food, wise sayings, and herbal remedies with you when you step on American soil, but everything else is banned. It's simply un-American to be different, you gave up that freedom when you entered the land of the free.

And what really gets under my skin is that the event being protested was a charity fundraiser held by the Islamic Circle of North America to raise funds for disaster relief, women's housing, and other causes. If this is truly one nation under God I hope it's not the god of these protesters who shout at families going to charity events to raise funds for those in need. I would say God Bless America but if immigrants are more loving and empathetic to their neighbors than "real Americans" then I'd rather say God bless everyone BUT Americans.


Don said...

As a teacher of history, I have witnessed this before. It took place in Selma, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Dallas, and, yes, even my hometown. And the "others" did not worship Allah. They worshiped the same God as I did....The difference was more noticeable. It involved color. It was as sad as this video is sad. Very sad!

Sammy said...

I loved the constant screaming of "Go back home!". How much you bet a large majority of the people attending the fundraiser were American citizens? Of course, those protesters probably believe the only "real" American citizens are white Christians.

Michael said...

Allah is just the Arabic word for God. Just like Dios is Spanish for God.

These people are so ignorant, it hurts.

Unknown said...

@ Michael,

I know what you mean. I cringe when I see videos like this one ( sorry if it wasn't playing found and embedded a replacement). Thanks for visiting.

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