Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't Blame God, Blame People

I don't know if Uncle Pat has decided to crack open a science book or if he just can't think of a reason why Japan, like Haiti, deserved to be hit by a natural disaster, but when I Googled "Pat Robertson Japan" I got this. Of course ever since Haiti people have been waiting for another heartless response from Pat "direct-line-to-God" Robertson. During his Bring It On segment he answered the viewer question:
"Why would God let disasters, such as Japan, happen?" Kathy
Pat goes into an all out PR defense to protect God's image by stating God doesn't let disasters happen, people decide to live in earthquake zones. Pat also explained plate tectonics to his audience members (which I'm sure caused him to lose a few hardcore anti-science viewers) and stated that's just how God designed the earth and if people decide to live there, it's their fault. Unless, that is, they make a pact with the devil, then they're pretty much screwed any way you look at it. What happened, Pat? You let me down again. What happened to to the good ole' days, remember when you called out for the assassination of Chavez or the time when you called a Larry King viewer a homo? What happened to your spunk, don't fizzle out on me just yet Uncle Pat. The world still needs a firm reminder of God's Will. Or, I guess it's just time for the next generation of evangelicals to step up to the plate.

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captron52 said...

Let's see. This whacko praises God for sending this disaster to japan and killing all those innocent folks. is it no wonder why I have so much trouble understanding so called "christians" who say God is a vengeful entity that delights in destroying innocent people along with the so called Sinners.This girl in the video is absolutely NUTS What else can I say? Other than God? help us all!

Sammy said...

Captron, that video is a parody. She made several of these as a way to mock the people who believe that Japan's earthquake and tsunami are a punishment from God. It seems that she does stuff for Landover Baptist Church, which is a website parodying fundamentalist Christians.

Doug B said...

Do you suppose Pat is aware of the fact that Japan started to be populated and developed long before plate tectonics and earthquake zones were understood?

I had someone pull that defense of God on me the other day at work. I was told that man has attempted to live in places where it was not intended for him to live. I never did get a response as to my question of where the proper place to live is located. And how would we have known? Is there anywhere on earth that is safe from natural disaster?

People slay me with their ability to be idiotic.

captron52 said...

thanks Sammy glad to hear that she wasnt being serious

Sammy said...

No problem. It's actually kind of sad that some of these religious groups are so out there that it becomes difficult to tell the difference between them and someone attempting to parody them.

There is no place on this Earth you can live and be absolutely sure there will be no natural disasters. There might be areas where natural disasters are less likely to occur, but no where is perfectly safe. Anyone who says after a natural disaster that the victims are to blame because they lived there is an idiot. I bet you anything that if that same person was affected by a natural disaster, they wouldn't blame themselves.

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