Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PBS- The Buddha

PBS aired a new documentary on the Buddha, narrated by Richard Gere, earlier this month and I missed it the first time around. Luckily someone has posted the entire 2 hour program on Youtube. So if you're interested watch it while it's still available. I'm sure PBS will serve a take down notice to Youtube soon so it won't be up for long.

The Buddha is the first of three religious documentaries which will air this year, the other two being God in America (airing in October) which I wrote briefly upon last week and The Calling (To be announced) a documentary following Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Americans who decided to enter the clergy. I love religious documentaries, especially those which encourages inter and intra faith dialog. Of course if you happen to miss any of these you can always purchase them at the PBS store.


Don said...

Gotta see these!

Doug B said...

Because I have to be at work so early, I miss a lot of good PBS television. Thank goodness for DVDs.

Don said...

Most enjoyable program. I knew little other than what a World History teacher should teach; 4 Noble Truths, 8 Fold Path. There is so much more.

Eruesso said...

I should have mention this in the post but did you catch the quote attributed to the Buddha, “If you see me, you see the teaching. If you see the teaching, you see me”. Sound a bit familiar?

Don said...

Absolutely! Amazing how the similarities keep showing up in all spiritual pursuits.

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