Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All Aboard? Part 2 or Go Mormons Go

A few weeks ago I posted the question Why would God make it so difficult for anyone to choose the right religious system that will get them to Heaven?

Of course the question assumes that there is a God, Heaven, and a way to get there. With that assumption we mus first attempt, with our feeble mortal minds, to figure out the "why". Whatever labels that any of us may have for the divine are just that, labels. For God to be God He (she/it? more labels...) would have to transcend all known human thought and labels. Even the word God is a label but we would have to break out of our ever expanding snowglobe of a universe to see if our labels match up with what we consider reality. So without going into a discussion about what truly is reality or what God may or may not be is beyond our understanding. Let's keep it in the context of a "loving Christian God" since that is how most Americans perceive God.

When Adam and Eve bit into the forbidden fruit they doomed us all. Not because of the fruit but because of disobedience. They broke the Law and sin entered into the Human experience. And ever since then we are bound, cursed by that one act. But there is hope. God sent his only begotten Son (God incarnate) to pay the price. But who is collecting? To rephrase the question, since God set the rules and God paid the price then is God also bound to his own rules? Can God not pardon us directly wiping away all sin (including Original Sin) without God sacrificing Himself? Does that mean that the Law God created is now God since he is also bound to it? If he were not there wouldn't be a need for Jesus' sacrifice and we could come to Him directly. It almost seems as if God is powerless to the Law He himself created. But what hope do we have if even Almighty God is powerless?

Jesus? Maybe, maybe not.

If there wasn't a Law established by God there would be complete Cosmic chaos so we all have to play by the rules, including God. Since the Law demands death to anyone that sins only a divine sinless being can fulfill this demand. The belief in this sacrifice is what saves the mortal soul.

Sound difficult? Your safe as long as you have the right belief. The Law, not God, is asking you to have the right belief but with thousands of religions and beliefs over the ages the odds are astronomically against you in picking the right one. If, as in the previous post, the Mormons have the correct belief then one can come close to salvation but still burn if you are a protestant. They're both under the umbrella of Christianity but only one sect has the truth.

So how can the human mind with limited time and energy pick the Right belief? We can't! We can either be lucky enough to be born a Mormon or willing to speak to their evangelists and convert when they knock on your door.

I came to this understanding after a long long spiritual crisis that I will cover in detail at a later time. I came to the point where I could no longer claim myself a Christian. I found myself sitting on a fence between two religions and I cornered myself into believing that I had to choose one! Period. I was torturing myself by my loss of faith in Christianity but was also tormented by the fact that if I do choose another religion how long will it be before I leave it and return to fence sitting? That's when I realized that I would never be free of the torment of choosing the right religion because there is no right religion. I can spend a lifetime scrutinizing and sifting through religions looking for scientific, moral, historical, and theological flaws desperately searching for the right one but I would never find it. I was trying to save my life only to realize I was slowly losing it. So I let go. I stopped trying to save my life and slowly I have felt a richer love for God and my fellow man then I had in my previous life.

I can not say that I am doing the right thing and eventually I might just pick up a religious system that helps to express my spirituality. But I can not believe that Almighty God (if there even is a God) expects our feeble and mortal minds to pick the correct belief. I do not worship God out of fear of Hell or to receive Heaven as a reward. The gift of life itself and the chance to worship my Creator is Heaven enough for me.

Peace be upon you all.

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