Monday, December 1, 2008

Flower Garden Saints

My lovely wife is an impulsive shopper, of course not as impulsive (or aggressive) as some other shoppers this holiday season but just enough to keep things interesting. Earlier this year she decided she wanted me to plant a flower garden so we bought a bunch of flowers (not taking into consideration what kind of flowers, the location to where they'll be planted, lack of tools, etc.) and I worked that weekend to get them into the ground. And as I was digging I dug up this plastic figurine. I first thought it was a toy but then I realized it was a small statute of a catholic saint. After some quick Googling I found out he is used by some people to sell their property. Whether it works or not it is a sign of the times that people will go to great lengths in times of need.

Now we are just renting the house and I did not know what to do with this pocket-sized saint.

Should I bury him back in the ground? But if I do that someone might buy the house and we'll have to move.

Should I just toss him away? I know it's just a statute but I don't think I'm willing to toss out a saint.

Should I display him in our home like tradition says so that he may watch over and shower us with blessings? In fact that's what I did, but not for the same reasons. He's right now sitting on top of our door frame watching us watch TV. I plan on burying him exactly where I found whenever we move out of respect to the person that had the faith to put him there in the first place. I think it's kind of quaint that people would go to such efforts to sell their homes but I know I would also be on my knees praying if I was trying to sell my home in this market.


Spiritual Blogger said...

Maybe you could display him in your garden? I have a Quan Yin statue in my garden and it looks great - the garden wouldn't be the same without her.

I think you were meant to find the statue.

Eruesso said...

I thought about displaying him in the garden but I should probably wait until spring when I plant new flowers.

There was something about digging in the ground and pulling out a saint that was kind of humbling. Like digging up buried treasure.

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